Schools that Learn

Drawing on observations and advice from more than 90 writers and experts on schools and education, this new edition features:

Methods for implementing organizational learning and explanations of why they work;

Contemporary stories and case studies from the “field”—classrooms, schools, and communities;

Charts, tables, and diagrams to illustrate systems thinking and other practices;

Guiding principles for how to apply innovative practices in all types of school systems;

Individual exercises useful for both teachers and students;

Team exercises to foster communication within the classroom, school, or community group;

New essays on topics such as educating for sustainability, systems thinking in the classroom, and “the great game of high school”;

New recommendations for related books, articles, videotapes, and web sites;

And more.

Schools That Learn, Revised and Updated, ultimately offers teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members the tools, techniques, and resources to address these considerable challenges, and provides pragmatic opportunities to transform school systems into true learning organizations.

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