Peter Senge on the Future of Education

Watch Peter Senge on the future of education.

In the Trenches

What’s happening “in the trenches?”  We’re reaching out to teachers, principals, superintendents and others to tell us about the issues that concern them and the innovations they’re seeing in their classrooms and schools. Please share your ideas and insights with us.

Wrong course: we’re measuring what’s EASY to measure, not what’s ESSENTIAL to measure.

Something BIG is going on across this nation. During the past few weeks, I have heard from former colleagues in Iowa, Illinois, New York and California who are strong supporters of the performing arts, physical education and technical vocational programs. It seems that the new teacher evaluation systems are requiring teachers to give students pre- and post- paper and pencil tests to measure progress. These colleagues particularly are concerned that instructional time is again being lost to implement ineffective measurement and accountability systems.