Nelda Cambron-McCabe

Nelda Cambron-McCabe is a professor in the Department of Edu- cational Leadership and Chair, Department of Educational Psychology at Miami University (Ohio) ( As an advisory board member and a facilitator of the National Superintendents Roundtable, she works closely with Roundtable superintendents in plan- ning programs to support them as they pursue educational change in their school systems. At Miami University, she teaches courses in school leadership and public school law and is coauthor, with Martha McCarthy and Stephen Thomas, of Public School Law: Teacher’s and Student’s Rights, sixth edition, (Allyn & Bacon, 2009). Professor Cambron-McCabe has focused significant attention on the professional development of school superintendents; her ten-year work with the Danforth Forum for the American School Superintendent resulted in the publication of The Superintendent’s Fieldbook, by Cambron-McCabe, Luvern Cunningham, James Harvey, and Robert Koff (Corwin Press, 2005). She was president of the Education Law Association and the American Education Finance Association and has served as editor of the Journal of Education Finance. She lives in southwestern Ohio.

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