Janis Dutton

Janis Dutton is a freelance editor, writer, educational consultant, and community activist. She was the managing editor of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook. She used the learning organization principles in her community to build individual and collective capacities as change agents when she served on the city council, planning and environmental commissions, adult education committees, and chamber of commerce community leadership initiatives. She continues to practice the disciplines in a variety of community conversations and grassroots initiatives in her work for democratic social justice. After completing work on the first edition of this book, her interest in social movements led her to earn a master’s degree from Antioch University, where she explored the intersection between organizational learning and popular education. She also managed production for and copyedited two anthologies that link architectural and educational theory and practice. She has coordinated production projects for the Miami University of Ohio Department of Architecture, the Cincinnati Environmental Awareness Center, and Catalyst, a magazine for children. Her writing has appeared in Garbage Magazine, The Burbank Daily Review, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and The Superintendents Fieldbook. She lives in southwestern Ohio.

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